Give training. Give support. Give hope.

Answer God's call to care for the orphan by supporting the family called to adopt.

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A family equipped. A childhood restored.

While other babies were being rocked to sleep with lullabies, and fed and changed every few hours, her cries were unattended. While other toddlers were learning to walk and play and dance and talk, she scrambled through neighbor's gardens to survive. At age two she was removed from a house filled with unspeakable abuse, and placed in an orphanage where there were too many children, not enough workers, and no toys. At age five, she was adopted.

She was given a beautiful bedroom, every toy any little girl could ever ask for, family camping trips, piano lessons, nutritious food, a playground and a swimming pool in her backyard, and a seat in a top-notch American kindergarten classroom. But developmental trauma had stolen the first five years of her life, and she didn't know how to be a child. One year later, at the end of their rope, her adoptive parents relinquished their parental rights.

As my husband and I sat at Lee Anne Cooper's dining room table, we shared how the Lord had confirmed to us that we are called to adopt, and asked her to train us, to equip us, to prepare us, to walk alongside us. She said yes, and she told us about this little girl who needed a second chance.

Today our daughter is making mud pies, playing in the sprinkler, reading Junie B. Jones, learning her addition & subtraction facts, beating us all in Uno, and is the joy of our family.

Because of the training and support we received from King's Ranch, she has a hope. She has a future. And we have a forever daughter for which we are so, so grateful.

Would you support King's Ranch today, to give hope to even more children in need?

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