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Evie's Story*

Before being placed in foster care, Evie was locked in her bedroom with her baby sister with no food or water, in soiled diapers, sometimes for days, so her parents could smoke pot, meth, and cocaine. When out of the bedroom, she watched her parents beat one another. Her last memory of her biological mother is of her stabbing her father in the head with scissors. She was three.

When Evie's pre-adoptive family came to King's Ranch, they were at the end of their rope. They had tried everything in their power to show her love, care, nurture, and nourishment, but Evie wasn't showing signs of healing. Out of her deep pain from her first three years of life, she lashed out in violence to the family pets, she threatened to harm the family's biological children, as well as her own biological sister, and she raged in angry, screaming tantrums every day and all through the night. She would not allow her adoptive mother to nurture her, nor her little sister, for she had always been the mother figure in the home, even when she was just a baby herself. From a place of heartbreak and deep concern for the safety of their other children, including Evie's little sister, the parents were about to call DCFS and request she be placed elsewhere.

But then…

After coming to King's Ranch for an Unplowed Ground Intensive, Evie's adoptive parents now have a glimmer of hope. She is no longer raging. The parents learned strategies to keep the other children and pets utterly safe. She is receiving her adoptive mother's love and nurture, sharing ice cream and genuine smiles. Evie is even learning to accept boundaries and is learning to let her adoptive mother nurture and care for her little sister. She is learning to give up control, because she doesn't have to be the mother figure anymore. She doesn't have to be a survivor anymore. She is learning to be a kid.

This is what we mean when we say we are equipping families and restoring childhoods.

Evie still has a long way to go, but she is well on her way. She's six now, after all. Lots of childhood left to enjoy, and plenty of love left to soak in.

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*Although every detail of Evie's story is true, out of respect for her and her story, we have changed her name in order to share it with you. We share her story to give people who care about children the opportunity to know the difference they can make. Likewise, the photograph used on this page is a stock photo of a child Evie's age. Please pray for Evie and her family today, as well as the other children in situations similar to hers.

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